Flats RC Knightsbridge Private Park Kooperativnaya Street, 16, Photo 1

RC Knightsbridge Private Park

Kooperativnaya Street, 16

Price on demand
Price on demand
Completion: дом построен
Completion: дом построен
Area: Hamovniki
Type Flats
Size: 165 - 502 м²
Number of floors: 7
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ЛАНКАСТЕР 1 6 378.9 0
ВИНДЗОР 4 4 173 0
ВИНДЗОР 7 6 481.2 0
ВИНДЗОР 6 6 396.5 0
ВИНДЗОР 2 5 275.4 0
ВИНДЗОР 1 6 377.5 0
ВИНДЗОР 1 6 501.6 0
ВИНДЗОР 1 5 204 0
ТЮДОР 6 6 276.6 0
ТЮДОР 4 4 206.8 0
ТЮДОР 4 5 293.1 0
ЛАНКАСТЕР 6 3 164.5 0
ТЮДОР 3 4 293.2 0
ТЮДОР 1 4 328.8 0
ТЮДОР 1 6 286.6 0
ТЮДОР 1 6 499.4 0
ТЮДОР 1 6 368.3 0
ЛАНКАСТЕР 5 5 290.7 0
ЛАНКАСТЕР 5 5 200.5 0
ЛАНКАСТЕР 2 4 272 0
ЛАНКАСТЕР 4 4 360.7 0
ЛАНКАСТЕР 5 4 358.2 0
СТЮАРТ 3 4 229.8 0
СТЮАРТ 2 4 233 0
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The development project will include four mansions, private park with an area of 2 hectares, underground parking and planned infrastructure. Moderate conservatism of English neo-classical architecture and traditional materials are linked in the project with elements of modern minimalism and high construction technologies of premium-class. Apartments with terraces, penthouses, townhouses and classic apartments - architectural concept of the project will include apartments of various types and areas. Leading conceptualists of England have created and aesthetics of living quarters and public buildings. You can safely rely on the reference solutions of space and design.

The project Knightsbridge Private park is the only complex in Moscow, which will have its own park with an area of 2 hectares, which will provide a high level of culture. The project infrastructure is designed with the most comfortable living that will minimize the time spent outside of the complex: a kindergarten, a wellness club with a pool and a café. Mansions are certified according to the standards of "green building" by a British method BREEAM. Impeccable quality and concept of the project make Knightsbridge Private Park the perfect example of urban solutions of global level.

The interior design of the residential complex Knightsbridge Private Park was developed by Martin Waller, a unique personality and a legend in the world of interior design. Talent and ability to combine masterly a variety of traditions, texture and color - a signature style of the designer. Today fusion is an essential element in creating modern interior in a traditional style. Martin Waller has developed projects of high-end boutiques and luxury hotels around the world. Namely he was entrusted the decorate their interiors such famous people as Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, Madonna, David Beckham, Sher, Christina Aguilera and many others.

By now, the company LINLEY has completed the design of common areas of the residential quarter Knightsbridge Private Park, including: design of entrance group in 4 residential complexes, main reception buildings and elevator lobbies. During the forming a concept of premium quarter design one of the prior tasks was to ensure a harmonious combination of traditional natural materials and contemporary spirit. The artwork is done in classic colors of English aristocratic families – a mixture of shades of red, orange and blue.

Design the main reception includes marble floors, onyx light panels, as well as individual bronze decorations. Many items will be made for this elite quarter exclusively. For example, the stand of main reception with adjacent storage area will be decorated with bronze panels illustrating the scheme of time zones of Russia.

Design of residential houses, which, incidentally, are named after the famous British dynasties (Stewart, Tudor, Lancaster and Windsor) will be fully in harmony with the appearance of the main reception. Their entrance groups are designed in the same style, however, they differ in color scheme. A feature of the design will be bronze panels depicting famous London bridges, the drawing will be applied by means of laser cutting. It is impossible not to mention gorgeous designer elevators, walls decorated with leather, ceiling, upholstered in suede, and marble floors.

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