Real estate investments

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Our international investment team advises clients on overseas property opportunities, primarily in the UK and Western Europe, the USA, UAE, Thailand and a number of other popular countries.

We identify and structure investment products suited to the main objectives of our investors: to preserve capital with minimal risk, to ensure high rental yields or obtain substantial returns on investment in renovation and development projects.

Our team has a wide database of exclusive projects and specializes in selecting options based on the client's risk profile. We will tell you about the tax and legal aspects of owning property in each country and warn you of the risks involved.

If you want to get a comprehensive understanding of how your capital will work best, contact Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills).

Rental apartments

Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) has a wide portfolio of residential and hotel apartments around the world - in major capitals, popular tourist locations, in markets with strong price growth. Such objects are ideal for passive income of 3-7% p.a. in foreign currency, as well as long-term investments with a focus on potential value growth. Experts Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) select objects in the budget of $ 150.000 and fully support the transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) has expertise in all sectors of commercial real estate - offices, hotels, street retail, warehouses and industrial facilities. As a rule, we offer our clients investments in assets with long-term rental contracts, the yield can vary from 3 to 10% per annum, it is also possible to attract mortgage funds. On individual request we carry out selection of objects in all developed world economics, and also we completely accompany the transaction. Starting budget - from $1.500.000.

Alternative investments

For portfolio diversification Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) offers to consider alternative classes of investments - student apartments, senior houses, the sector of building to rent, which offer a higher rental yield - up to 10% per annum in foreign currency, also so-called rental guarantee from the developer. Individual units are available from $100,000, whole buildings from $3,000,000.

Investments in renovation and development projects

High yield of such projects - 10-15% in currency for renovation and 20%+ for construction - attracts many customers. Most often the purchase of land for the construction of residential or commercial buildings is assumed, or the purchase of an existing object with redevelopment potential - adding storeys, major repairs and other work, after which the sale at a higher price. The project may have one or more investors and different entry structure - the purchase of preferred shares in the project, mezzanine loans, loan notes, etc. Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) portfolio always has interesting opportunities in countries such as the UK, Germany, Austria and the US. Investor's starting capital is from $1,000,000.