Property Management

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As a landlord, the income you receive from your property depends upon finding the right tenant and keeping your property well maintained to protect its long-term value. We have let in excess of 10,000 houses and apartment throughout Moscow and are proud that a great many of our clients choose to work with us year after year, furthermore, word of mouth recommendations account for the majority of our new business.

With our experience and knowledge of the local market, and of all the regulatory issues pertaining to the process and ongoing management of property lettings, we can ensure that all legislation and safety requirements are adhered to. You can rest in the knowledge that your property is in safe hands and is being cared for by a team of dedicated professionals.

Feedback from tenants also demonstrates that they are very happy with our property management service. In a competitive market this can give you, the landlord, an edge on securing a great tenant as they will often prefer to choose a professionally managed property. Our evidence proves that tenants who let Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) professionally managed properties tend to renew their leases year on year.

Our services include:
  • Pre-screening of prospective tenants
  • Liaison and ongoing communication between you and your tenants
  • Timely coordination and receipt of rental payments on your behalf
  • Comprehensive property management relating to the ongoing maintenance of the property
  • Ongoing assistance from technical support specialists
  • Timely payment of bills associated with e.g. utilities, internet providers, satellite TV subscriptions etc on your behalf
  • Coordination or undertaking of property refurbishment or renovation projects as required upon request
  • (Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) activities are insured by OSAO 'Ingosstrakh' company)

Only you know how much time you can spare to deal with your tenants telephone calls and the resulting work. This is where Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) can help - as your appointed property manager we will ensure that both your tenants and your property receive the essential professional care required.