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In Moscow, in Russia and around the world

Intermark Real Estate is a prime property agency founded in Moscow in 1993, when the Russian luxury real estate market was just emerging. A big part of our history has been 16 years of experience under the international brand Savills, which brought our level of service to international standards, that we adhere to today. Our team includes top professionals, and the average term of our staff in the company is 12 years, which confirms the reputation of a reliable company. The experience that we have accumulated over our history is invaluable, as is the input of each broker and employee, who have been managing the most complex and interesting transactions in various markets. The combination of international experience and knowledge of the local property market gives us unrivaled opportunities in the sale and rental of luxury real estate, investment and consulting. Among our clients are leading international and largest Russian corporations, diplomatic services, government organizations, banks and non-profit foundations.

SERVICE. Exceeding your expectations

Excellent service is the foundation of Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills)’ business. Our mission is to go beyond our clients’ expectations. We provide the very best: extensive knowledge, professional advice and premium service.

EXPERIENCE. A real estate consultant who keeps you one step ahead.

We have been in the market for many years and we know it inside out. Even in economically challenging periods, our knowledge of the market and what its participants expect has helped our clients always get the best results. We do not follow the market, we stay ahead of it.

Knowledge is power

Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) attaches great importance to constant monitoring of the market and invests heavily in fundamental research. We are proud of the in-depth research we provide across the industry. We give insight into current market trends and predictions for the future that will help you make the right property decisions.

OUR TEAM. Decency. Professionalism. Focus on results

Mutual trust and decency are the foundations on which we build our relationships. Every Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) employee is trained in accordance with international professional standards. This ensures that our team has the professional capability to address any legal, financial and tax issues. We always work to achieve the best results for our clients.


Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) is one of the leading providers of consultancy services in the residential real estate market. From architectural design and heritage planning, to business rates and development project management, our sector-spanning expertise can be all-encompassing, covering the full lifecycle of any project from strategic planning through to completion.

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