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Intermark Real Estate has a well-organized team of professionals who make it possible to rent your apartment for a long term at the maximum price.

  • We assess the profitability from real estate rent
  • We help to minimize the tax burden
  • We explain what is «migration registration»
  • We take into account all the nuances of the lease agreement
  • We help with current repairs
  • We communicate with tenants
  • We transfer meter readings and pay utility bills
  • We provide other services specified in the lease agreement

For more than 20 years, Intermark Real Estate has been cooperating with international and Russian corporations, diplomatic services, government organizations, large banks, and with serious and important clients.

Over the past 3 years, Intermark Real Estate company has closed 1,700 rental deals in the premium and luxury segments.

Our international experience and knowledge of the Russian real estate market guarantees that we will rent out your elite apartment in Moscow and St. Petersburg as profitable as possible.

We have closed
rental deals
for the past 3 years
The procedure for renting an apartment
1. We prepare the property for rent
2. We find a potential tenant
3. We agree commercial terms and sign an agreement
4. Transfer the property to the tenant
5. We manage the property and communicate with the tenant
6. You get your income
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Prepare quality portfolio

The photographers of our company know how to show all the benefits of your apartment in photos and videos.

Floor Plan
We will draw up a floor plan of your property

We will draw up a professional floor plan that will correctly show all the elements of your house/apartment.

We develop an individual advertising campaign

Intermark Real Estate marketers draw up an online and offline promotion strategy specifically for your apartment, which reduces the time for promotion and increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

We protect your interests

We guarantee the safety of the data provided to us and the protection of the rights of owners at all stages of cooperation.

We work with real tenants

We process all responses to advertising about renting your apartment, provide regular reports. You will be able to conduct final discussions with the most promising potential clients.

We specialize in elite real estate

Tenants with hugh budgets choose guaranteed deals, so they cooperate with large and reliable agencies.

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Real estate is often considered as an investment asset due to its high liquidity. If you correctly approach its leasing for a long term, you can get a good income, and if the plans or the situations on the market change, you can sell it. As a rule, long-term rent is chosen by those landlords who are focused on a stable predicted inflow of funds.

Using this option, you can receive a constant income with minimal effor and time. Other benefits of a long-term rent:

  • minimal wear and tear in apartments – permanent tenants are more careful and attentive to the property;
  • furniture, household appliances are used by a minimum number of people;
  • the possibility of planning financial flows;
  • transparent calculation of the yield that you receive when renting an apartment