Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 1
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 2
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 3
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 4
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 5
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 6
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 7
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 8
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 9
Settlement  "Elochka" Novorizhskoe, 10 км, Photo 10
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Novorizhskoe, 10 км

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Organized settlement size 10 Hectare
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ID 1155
All property in "Elochka" sold.
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"Elochka", Novorizhskoe, 10 км

Buyers are offered a diverse selection of townhouses ranging from 200 to 340 sq.m. Future residents will appreciate the high level of construction of each townhouse. Reinforced concrete slabs were used as partitions, and the walls were built of durable brick. Laminated oak windows emphasize the atmosphere of suburban life. In the Herringbone project, there are both objects with a free layout and offers with ready-made finishes on sale.

The territory of the village is designed according to the principle of prestigious European suburbs, which are characterized by low building density, privacy, environmental friendliness, as well as harmony of architecture and nature. The residences in the cottage settlement are made in a single architectural style, which creates unity without loss of individuality. Considerable attention was paid to landscaping when planning the Herringbone complex: flower beds were arranged, flowerbeds were planted, forest trees were preserved. Two fine restaurants are open for the residents of the village, one of which is by the water. Children's play complexes and a sports ground are organized. Convenient access and pedestrian roads lead to the houses, which are illuminated in the evening. The project is located on the border with a dense mixed forest and a lake, where a beach area is equipped. A fenced perimeter, round-the-clock duty at security points and a checkpoint system ensure the safety of residents.

The convenient location on Novorizhskoe highway in the immediate vicinity of Moscow allows you to quickly get to any part of the city. Broadband traffic-free highway provides high speed. New Riga has everything for a comfortable stay. Fitness clubs, Pavlovskaya Gymnasium, RigaMall shopping center, cafes, medical centers, bank branches, etc. are located within a few minutes' drive.

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