Settlement  "Rubin Estate" Novorizhskoe, 14 км, Photo 1
Settlement  "Rubin Estate" Novorizhskoe, 14 км, Photo 2
Settlement  "Rubin Estate" Novorizhskoe, 14 км, Photo 3
Settlement  "Rubin Estate" Novorizhskoe, 14 км, Photo 4
Settlement  "Rubin Estate" Novorizhskoe, 14 км, Photo 5
Settlement  "Rubin Estate" Novorizhskoe, 14 км, Photo 6
Settlement  "Rubin Estate" Novorizhskoe, 14 км, Photo 7
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"Rubin Estate"

Novorizhskoe, 14 км

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Organized settlement size 6 Hectare
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"Rubin Estate", Novorizhskoe, 14 км

KP Rubin Estate, Novorizhskoe highway — chamber village with special attention to detail!

Just 13 km from the MKAD along the New Riga, surrounded by a relict forest, the club village of Rubin Estate is located. An exceptionally convenient location with the possibility of using alternative highways (Rublevo-Uspensky and Ilyinsky) will help you get to Moscow in just 15-20 minutes, which means you can easily combine active activity in the capital and a measured life in a modern suburb.
The main concept of the village Rubin Estate is a comfortable life in a trusting and meditative atmosphere that allows you to quickly recover after a busy day.

Houses in the cottage village of Rubin Estate
Specialists from the Moscow architectural bureau were engaged in the creation of cottage projects. In the best traditions of luxury housing, KP Rubin Estate is the perfect embodiment of the classic English style, which is characterized by high quality materials, laconic but spectacular facades, a large area of internal living spaces with the possibility of creating multifunctional rooms.

You can choose any of the 9 architectural projects in KP Rubin Estate on our official website.

Rubin Estate is a cottage village where a deep understanding of intimacy reigns: on the territory of 6 Hectares there are only 26 households with a total area of 350 to 770 sq.m. They are staggered — such zoning allowed you to get away from your neighbors as comfortably as possible, excluding the creation of a window-to-window effect.

The elitism of the village of Rubin Estate (Buzlanovo) is also emphasized by the choice of materials for construction: all houses are built of slotted brick (thickness 0.5 meters), basalt acts as insulation, and the roof is made of large ceramic tiles, which helps to maintain an optimal climate inside the cottages. The color palette in the range from ochre to rich orange perfectly fits the buildings into the surrounding landscape.
You can buy a house in Rubin Estate without finishing or with a ready-made interior design, including furniture sets and appliances.

Given the location KP, there was no need to create a self-sufficient infrastructure inside the village. So, the main emphasis was placed on landscaping and landscape design. A picturesque pond with a small gazebo surrounded by well-groomed flower beds was created for the residents of the village, and a large playground with a children's sports complex was created for their children.
5-10 minutes drive from the KP: «Ilyinka sport» — a large sports center with an aqua zone, tennis courts and a gym; «London Body School Ilse Liepa», the main direction of which is different types of dancing, rhythmic gymnastics and ballet; «Moscow Country Club» will give you the opportunity to study and enjoy a game of golf and relax with a cup of coffee in the food court.
The neighboring KP Zhukovka and the village of Arkhangelsk will provide an opportunity to invite family and friends to restaurants of European and Oriental cuisine.
From the point of view of the availability of educational institutions, the location around the KP Rubin Estate is one of the best: an English Baby Club has been opened in Zhukovka, the Ark XXI system Lyceum with a kindergarten and a school has been working in Pozdnyakovo since 1992, a branch of the Lomonosov school has been opened in KP Monolit, and the Pavlovskaya Gymnasium"(KP Pavlovo and Pavlovo-2) will help to systematically reveal the talents of students of any age.

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