Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) has been a recognised leader of the residential property market in Moscow for over 20 years now, working with large investors, executives and top-level management, international companies, government agencies and embassies. We have a team of experts offering a wide range of full-cycle services: from finding the perfect property to closing the deal, handling every demand with a unique and tailored approach.

High budget property rentals should provide a high-level of comfort for tenants where issues and questions are resolved quickly and efficiently. Elite residential properties in Moscow are defined by unparalleled design and exquisite furnishings. In fact, such luxury properties are frequently the product of eminent architects, design studios and outfitted with made-to-order European furniture. This is why there is so much demand for high budget property rentals in Moscow.

Our team of seasoned consultants can help you find the perfect home based on your specific demands, be it budget, location, furnished or non-furnished, architectural style or contractual clauses like the frequency of payments, currency or how the deposit is paid. We pay particular attention to your expectations in terms of amenities and proximity to educational facilities, work place, parks, shops and entertainment, working swiftly to find a selection of suitable properties for you to choose from.

Services provided by your personal expert include:

  • Property selection based on considerations such as building types, pros and cons of districts, convenience of location and access to important amenities like schools, shops and work;
  • Legal advice;
  • Arranging viewings for all selected property listings;
  • Personal support during property viewings;
  • Handling negotiations with the landlord on tenant’s behalf;
  • Finalizing the contract, negotiating terms, renovations and repairs, rental conditions, deposit amount, presence of pets or children;
  • Conducting a property and inventory assessment before moving in;
  • Moving support.

Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) rental property database is the largest in the capital and has over 24 000 carefully selected and exclusive listings for homes in the city and the suburbs. We know that your time is precious, which is why we won't waste it on listings that don't match your requirements, but only exactly what you are looking for.

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When it comes to buying and selling property, we advise across all markets all over the world. Our services are designed to help maximise the value of your asset, and to provide professional assistance at all stages - from the selection of a property to the successful conclusion of the transaction.

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Residential property in Moscow

Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) team helps you find apartment of your dream shortly. Highly qualified lawyers provide impeccable legal support, and experienced consultants make a property list to meet all your requirements.

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The full spectrum of real estate sales services, from strategic marketing of your property via digital media and other channels, through to completion of the transaction.

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Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the residential real estate market, accumulated over many years, Intermark Real Estate (formerly Savills) specialists can add value to your development project with advice at any stage and provide expert assistance in planning, marketing and selling.

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