Settlement  "Azarovo" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км, Photo 1
Settlement  "Azarovo" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км, Photo 2
Settlement  "Azarovo" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км, Photo 3
Settlement  "Azarovo" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км, Photo 4
Settlement  "Azarovo" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км, Photo 5
Settlement  "Azarovo" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км, Photo 6
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Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км

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Organized settlement size 76 Hectare
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ID 1104
All property in "Azarovo" sold.
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"Azarovo", Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 23 км

The developer of the complex took care of the complete harmony of the residents, their comfort, privacy and health. The total area of the village is 76 hectares, most of which is occupied by the Novodarya forest. Recreation areas, walking alleys, cozy gazebos are planned. The largest sports and wellness complex in the vicinity of Rublevka has been built in Azarovo, which includes swimming pools, saunas and a spa. Azarovo is an ideal project for living with children. A school with advanced study of foreign languages, a kindergarten, and playgrounds are also organized for young residents of the village. A reliable security system in the village and access control ensure a high level of security.

Buyers are offered different formats of real estate: cottages, townhouses and apartments. Each family will find the optimal layout in Azarovo, based on their preferences. The area of the mansions in the village is 500-2100 sq.m., and the house plots range from 25 acres to 1.5 hectares. The latest engineering communications are connected to all the residences of the village. There is an opportunity to buy both real estate for finishing, and fully finished housing with excellent repair and expensive furniture.

Azarovo Estates are located just 20 minutes from Moscow on Rublevo Uspenskoe Highway. For trips to the capital, residents have several alternative routes available, and the Rublevsky estates are separated from busy highways by a picturesque forest through which an access road passes.

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