Settlement  "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 км, Photo 1
Settlement  "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 км, Photo 2
Settlement  "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 км, Photo 3
Settlement  "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 км, Photo 4
Settlement  "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 км, Photo 5
Settlement  "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 км, Photo 6
Settlement  "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 км, Photo 7
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"Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)"

Dmitrovskoe, 21 км

from 265 000 000 RUB
Organized settlement size 17 Hectare
For sale:
Houses: 1
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ID 1094
 Settlement "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)" Dmitrovskoe, 21 km, Photo 1
ID 4731
Settlement "Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)"
Dmitrovskoe, 21 km
265 000 000 RUB
  • Plot size: 0.5 ac
  • With finishing
  • Swimming pool
  • Floors: 2
745 м2
0.5 ac

"Monakovo (M.O.N.A.K.O.V.O.)", Dmitrovskoe, 21 км

The village of Monakovo is a premium suburban complex in the style of modernism on the shore of the Ikshinsky reservoir. Initially, the village was created for yachtsmen and other fans of water sports, over time it became a harmonious place for permanent family residence. In the Monakovo complex, you can buy one of the residences ready for suburban living with a total area of 510 to 1150 sq.m.

Houses in Monakov are author's architectural residences with large windows and bright terraces, which are conducive to rest and spending time with family. The geometry of the facades is quite concise and symmetrical, there is a Mediterranean orientation. The exteriors are complemented by materials of various textures and colors; it is their presence that makes the overall appearance of the village organic and spectacular. All cottages are connected to central communications, which will make every day as comfortable as possible. The area of the plots starts from 11 acres. There is a special demand for offers on the first line near the water, as well as in the chamber forest part of the cottage settlement. A collection of current offers, including objects from closed sales, has already been prepared on our official website of the Monakovo project.

A well-groomed common area with a calm landscape design will be a great place for daily relaxation. The village boasts decorated park and walking areas. A children's playground has been designed for children, there are places for sports. Special attention is paid to the creation of a unique security system, including a coastal one, so that nothing prevents you from enjoying a safe beach holiday.

The developed infrastructure of KP Monakovo on Dmitrov highway is another advantage of the project. On the inner territory there is a private yacht club with a berth and the possibility of renting water transport. There is a tennis court and a sports club Fox Hole, which presents not only active recreation, but also SPA services. There is a supermarket for shopping, an atmospheric cafe on the embankment. In the neighborhood there is a secondary school, kindergarten, restaurants, shops.

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