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Residential complex Akademicheskaya Zhemchuzhina

Dmitriya Ulyanova Street, 6, korp. 1

9 min. by walk
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Area: Akademichesky
Floors 18
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Flats in Residential complex Akademicheskaya Zhemchuzhina

Apartment, 4 rooms Residential complex Akademicheskaya Zhemchuzhina Dmitriya Ulyanova Street, 6, korp. 1, Photo 1
ID 64222
Residential complex Akademicheskaya Zhemchuzhina
Dmitriya Ulyanova Street, 6, korp. 1
Price on demand
Apartment, 4 rooms
  • Area: Akademichesky (Leninsky Prospekt area)
  • Floor: 11
  • Ceiling height: 3.0 м
  • Floors: 18
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RC Akademicheskaya Zhemchuzhina,
Dmitriya Ulyanova Street, 6, korp. 1

The Academic Pearl residential complex is a monolithic 4-section building built in the Academic district in the north-west of Moscow, at 6 Dmitry Ulyanov Street. This location is known for its architectural and historical monuments dating back to several eras. The windows of the house overlook the Darwin Museum with a picturesque landscaped courtyard. Along Dmitry Ulyanov Street passing nearby, you can go 500 meters to Leninsky Prospekt or Prospekt 60-letiya Oktyabrya, from where the distance to the TTK is a little more than 2 kilometers, and to the MKAD about 9 kilometers.

Infrastructure of the district

The Academic district got its name not by chance, there really are a lot of higher educational institutions, research centers and academic campuses here. Therefore, respectable and respected people, researchers, professors and cultural figures mainly live in this location. The Academic Pearl residential complex is located next to the park of the same name, and several other green areas are located nearby, thanks to which the ecological situation in the area is relatively good. In addition, remoteness from major highways and low density of buildings also have a positive effect on the cleanliness of the environment.

Apartments in Academic Pearl residential complex

Those who prefer a calm and quiet environment, favorable ecology and picturesque views from the window will want to buy an apartment in the Academic Pearl residential complex. There are many squares, parks and landscaped courtyards in the vicinity. The architectural structures, although they belong to different eras, perfectly harmonize with each other, creating a single architectural ensemble, into which the Academic Pearl also fits perfectly. The infrastructure in the area is formed and well developed. In the immediate vicinity of the residential complex there is a museum, kindergartens, schools, bank branches, shops, Dzhigarkhanyan Theater, art Gallery, children's science center.

Architectural features

The residential complex was built according to an individual project in 2011. The building consists of four sections, ranging in height from 16 to 18 floors. The architecture of the house corresponds to the style of the Stalinist Empire, but at the same time the facade, lined with granite, looks modern and refined. There are 250 apartments in the Academic Pearl residential complex, with an area of 62 to 245 square meters and a number of rooms from one to six. The accommodation belongs to the business class. The house territory is landscaped and fenced. Walking areas and playgrounds have been created here. There is an underground parking, as well as a guest outdoor parking.

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