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Residential complex Dom na Taganke

Talalikhina Street, 8

9 min. by walk
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Area: Tagansky
Floors 18
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The Taganka residential complex is built in the historical center of Moscow, opposite Talalikhin Square, at 8 Talalikhina Street. This area is characterized by silence and relatively favorable ecology, there are many green spaces, and the residential complex is remote from major highways. Nevertheless, Abelmanovskaya Street is 300 meters away, along which you can go to Marxist or Taganskaya Street and quickly get to the Garden Ring (the distance to it is a little more than a kilometer). About one and a half kilometers separate the LCD from the TTK. Proletarskaya Metro Station is a 10-minute walk away.

Infrastructure of the district

In addition to the Talakhin Square, in the vicinity of the Dom on Taganka residential complex there are several more green areas - Tagansky Park, the square near the Kalitnikovsky Pond and the N.N. Pryamikov Children's Park. Tagansky district is one of the most attractive for living, largely due to excellent ecology, good transport accessibility and an abundance of historical attractions. Within a radius of 500 meters around the residential complex there are four schools, a cinema, a clinical hospital, a shopping center, a sports complex, several kindergartens and shops. Among the cultural and historical sites, one can note the Pokrovsky Monastery, the Church of Peter and Fevronia, the Jerusalem Church, the Church of the Sorrowful, etc.  

Architectural features of the residential complex House on Taganka

The residential complex is a four-section monolithic building forming an enclosed courtyard. Thus, the windows on the side of Talalikhina Street overlook a picturesque square, and the windows on the other side overlook a landscaped, landscaped courtyard with a swimming pool. Walking paths are paved on the territory of the house, fountains and gazebos are installed, trees are planted. Motorists will be able to use either underground parking, accommodating up to 100 cars, or an open guest parking lot. The internal infrastructure of the complex, located on the first floors of the building, includes a gym, a beauty salon, several shops, a restaurant and maintenance services.

Apartments in the residential complex House on Taganka

You can buy an apartment in the residential complex House on Taganka with an area of 64 to 158 sq. m, or buy a penthouse with a terrace or a winter garden with an area of up to 340 squares. The house, built in 2009, is designed for 207 apartments with a free layout, high 3.3-meter ceilings, spacious loggias and panoramic glazing. The territory of the house is guarded, video surveillance is conducted. The access system is organized, the concierge service works.

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