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Residential complex Villange

Salyama Adilya Street, 2, korp. 1

Oktyabrskoe Pole
33 min. by walk
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Area: Horoshevo-Mnevniki
Floors 40
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ID 263
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A unique and memorable at first glance residential complex Village, located in the north-western part of Moscow, in the new quarter of Wellington Park, at Salama Adil Street, 2. Let this house stand out from other high-rises, but it harmoniously fits into the surrounding nature. Marshal Zhukov Avenue passes 200 meters from the complex, along which you can get by private transport in 4 km to the TTK, or in 6 km to the MKAD. In addition, transport accessibility is improved due to the fact that there is also a major interchange here, with the help of which it is possible to go to the People's Militia Street (in both directions) or to Marshal Zhukov Avenue.

The Moscow River flows just 500 meters from the residential complex Village. There are many parks, squares and reservoirs in the area, thanks to which the ecological situation here is very favorable. Also, this location has a well-developed infrastructure. Opposite the complex there is a polyclinic and a gymnasium with a preschool department, a little further you can find a supermarket, a cafe, a Baby club child development center, several more schools, a Toyota center, bank branches and pharmacies.

The Villa residential complex is a 40-storey tower built of monolithic reinforced concrete. The project was designed by a famous architect from Germany, Ulrich Tillmans. The facades of buildings are simply full of different colors, mostly green shades. A rather unusual architectural idea has been implemented - in the middle of the building there is a stairwell and an elevator, to which the apartments are adjacent, thanks to which the housing is illuminated from two or even three sides. Panoramic windows are installed. Thus, the rooms are filled with natural light, which ensures even greater unity with nature. Contrasting materials are used in the decoration of public spaces, so the interior space is in harmony with the exterior concept.

You can buy an apartment in the residential complex Village with the number of rooms from two to five, a free layout and unusual, but attractive design finishes. An underground two-level parking is provided for motorists, and playgrounds are equipped for the youngest residents of the house. On the first few floors, it is planned to locate service services and facilities of its own infrastructure. The security service is responsible for the safety of residents and their property. The territory of the house is fenced, the perimeter is under video surveillance.

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