Settlement  "Gorki-21" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 15 км, Photo 1
Settlement  "Gorki-21" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 15 км, Photo 2
Settlement  "Gorki-21" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 15 км, Photo 3
Settlement  "Gorki-21" Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 15 км, Photo 4
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Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 15 км

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Organized settlement size 8 Hectare
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"Gorki-21", Rublevo-Uspenskoe, 15 км

KP Gorki-21, Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, 16 km

Gorki village-21 is a prestigious cottage complex, where the best suburban residential projects, protected charming nature and a premium level of infrastructure support exist in an impeccable balance. Optimal distance from Moscow and a comfortable transport situation will allow you to combine solving daily issues in the city and living in the Moscow region. In KP Gorki-21, you can buy a cottage or a plot of land for construction.

A small territory of 8 hectares carefully maintains a chamber atmosphere of complete unity with the natural environment. In total, 28 households with a total area of 500 to 700 sq.m. have been designed here. The houses in the village of Gorki-21 are united by a single architectural style, which is characterized by strict geometry of lines, collaboration of materials of different textures and panoramic glazing for improved indoor insolation. Functional planning solutions meet current trends and imply the correct organization of living space not only for owners, but also for guests or staff. The village of Gorki-21 is an ideal place for raising children: crystal clear air, a safe area with outdoor playgrounds and sports grounds and the neighborhood of necessary facilities for learning and leisure will give your children unlimited opportunities for a happy life.

Gorki-21 is a cottage village with exclusive landscaping. Every detail has been thought out to the smallest detail: the original green compositions have their own theme for each "quarter", decorative street lighting in the evening creates a fabulous aura for park and walking areas, and cozy corners with gazebos and benches maintain a trusting atmosphere for communication with loved ones. An important advantage was also the fact that during the construction of the village of Gorki-21, the developer preserved centuries-old coniferous trees on all plots, giving the owners stunning views and guaranteed privacy.

Continuing the motif of privacy, only a guest parking and an administrative building were built in Gorki-21 as infrastructure facilities. But this does not deprive you of the opportunity to use any of the preferred types of services. The Rublevo-Uspenskoye direction has the status of a premium, which is emphasized by a wide range of socio-cultural facilities. Restaurants, cafes, shops, a fitness club with a swimming pool, beauty studios and educational institutions for children of all ages are open in the neighboring settlements of Zhukovka and Gorki-2.

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