Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 1
Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 2
Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 3
Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 4
Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 5
Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 6
Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 7
Settlement  "Troickij Park" Simferopolskoe, 1 км, Photo 8
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"Troickij Park"

Simferopolskoe, 1 км

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"Troickij Park", Simferopolskoe, 1 км

The cottage village of Troitsky is located just 2 km from the MKAD (Simferopol direction) on the territory of a historical park, its founder was Count Izmailov. There are 22 mansions built here, supporting the palace style of the 19th century, and each of them has its own small grove of centuries-old pines, oaks and spreading lime trees. In the Trinity Park KP, you can buy a house that guarantees you a comfortable stay in any season.

The village of Troitsky Park impresses with its beauty and unity with the natural environment. Crystal Bulatnikovsky pond, which does not freeze even in winter, emphasizes the unique aura of the place and makes you forget about the exhausting rhythm of the metropolis. The complex relief has been carefully preserved by a team of landscape designers: devoid of pedantic grooming, it is full of naturalness and individual grace, so attractive to urban residents. If you decide to buy a house in Trinity Park KP, you will get an amazing opportunity to live in an optimal distance from Moscow, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and a real resort atmosphere with a private beach area.

Trinity Park is a cottage village with a unique architectural concept. There is no standard building provided here, all households are made according to the author's design: residential projects were prepared individually with minimal cutting down of green spaces and integration of relief features — Your new cottage will be a spectacular continuation of the landscape created by nature itself. Trinity Park, where you can buy a house on our official website, is the true embodiment of the wishes of even the sophisticated suburban community. Houses in Trinity Park are perfect for potential family buyers, because planning solutions provide for a large number of cozy sleeping blocks with private bathrooms and dressing rooms. It is easy to maintain a secluded atmosphere for each family member here.

The concept of landscaping is similar to similar projects of an elite suburb. The public area is well maintained: neat lawns are laid, mature trees are planted, playgrounds and sports grounds are prepared, there is street lighting. Trinity Park is a cottage complex, where the chamber infrastructure is presented, which is compensated by the proximity of the capital and a favorable traffic situation. A kindergarten for young residents is open at the entrance group, a beach and a forest walking area are organized (in winter it turns into a ski track).

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