Remote management of property

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Remote management of property, when you are temporarily or permanently reside in another region or country, carries certain difficulties or is not possible at all. We always keep our finger on the pulse and do out best to respond as quickly as possible to any changes in the market. In order to provide you with the best service, we have studied current requests and prepared an expanded range of manegement services.


Who is the service for?
  • Landlords who rent or plant to rent their apartment or house
  • Owners who permanently reside in another region or country and need property maintenance service
  • Everyone who wants to transfer the management of their property to professionals
What is included in t the property management service?
  • Preparing your property for rent
  • Arranging move-in/move-out of the tenant and the process of transferring the apartment/house
  • Constant check of the condition of the apartment/house
  • Solving legal issues related to the conclusion and execution of the lease agreement
  • Technical and admisitrative support, accounting
  • Transportation, purchase and assembly of furniture
The cost starts from 10,000 rub per month and varies from a set of services

You can conclude an agreement even if you are not a client of our company

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